ISSUE #13, SPRING 2018
Sophie Gaston Introduction   Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP Britain’s Digital Future   Jonathan Sebire The Dark Side of Big Data   John Denham What’s in a Name?   Matt Rogerson Levelling the Playing Field   Polly Mackenzie The World’s First Equal City for Men and Women   Zoë Berman Learning for Making   Sophie Gaston Fringe Benefits   Professor Richard Webber The Predictive Postcode   Ben Baumberg Geiger The Means and the Ends   Daniel Alphonsus Ranking the Gatekeepers   Sacha Hilhorst Life on the Edge   Nick Tyrone Canada Minus  
Carl Miller Introduction by Carl Miller   Bruce Schneier Encryption’s curse is also its blessing   Baroness Martha Lane Fox CBE We must build Britain’s digital understanding   Professor Charlie Beckett The fake news toolkit   Professor Maura Conway Islamic State’s social media moment has passed   Dr Paul Killworth Unravelling the tangled web   Maggie Philbin OBE The next innovation generation   Jamie Bartlett The offline solution to online hate   Susie Hargreaves OBE The web’s darkest depths   Edward Lucas Vectors of Kremlinbacked cyber-warfare   Leigh Smyth Building the UK’s future together   Max Hill QC The false promise  
Sir Ciarán Devane Foreword by Sir Ciarán Devane   Philip Collins Foreword by Philip Collins   John Harris Redefining ‘Cool Britannia’ outside the capital   Sir Vince Cable MP The politics of identity revisited   Simon Heffer Brexit: a renewal of national identity   Mara Rudman United we stand, divided we have no future   David McAllister MEP Considerations for negotiation   Dame Helen Ghosh Looking to our heritage   Professor John Denham Finding a role   by Justine Thornton QC and Richard Macrory An environmentally ambitious Brexit   Kenan Malik Proud to be British?   Catherine Mayer A time of despair or a boon for progress?   Patrick French Imagining British identity after Brexit   Professor Margaret MacMillan Britain and the rest   The conkering British   Kieth Harris OBE Grime, the young and finding a political voice   Martha Spurrier The borders within   Professor Jim Gallagher Is federalism the answer?   Christina Patterson Adaptability: the key to the future   Professor Robert Colls My kind of town (Leicester is)   Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff #change  
Sophie Gaston Foreword   Robert Halfon MP Training to Win   Lord Skidelsky The End of Work?   Baroness Altmann A Retirement Revolution   Sam Crosby The Crucial Early Years   James Sproule Businesses Behaving Badly   Jill Rutter The Changing World of Work   Alberto Alemanno The Good Lobby   Peter Fleming Confronting the Robots   Zsolt Darvas Explaining Inequality   Hilary Steedman A Race to the Bottom? Further Education in England   James Bloodworth Meritocracy is not Enough   Sean O'Hare Stepping Up: How we Shape the Future of Corporate Governance   Claudia Wood Invest, Devolve, Liberate   Chris Bryce The Self-Employed Future   Steve Goodrich Untangling the Web of Corporate Corruption   Josh Hardie Transform our Rebalancing Urgency to Economic Opportunity   Andrew White London Rules? Rebuilding Britain’s Creative Brand   Amanda Mackenzie Harnessing the Power of Business for Good   Kat Hanna The Centre of Innovation   Ruth McKernan Shaping our Future Economy through Innovation  
Daniel Hannan MEP A Return to Confidence and Optimism   Timothy Kirkhope MEP We are Safer and More Secure in the EU   Stephen Kinnock MP Brexit and Churchill’s Three ‘Majestic Circles’   Mark Field MP The Conservative Way is to Confront the EU   Frank Field MP Labour Must Listen to its Voters and Back Brexit   Damian Hinds MP The Simple Economic Truth   Kate Hoey MP Time for the UK to Face the Rising Sun   Dr Julie Smith Democracy and the Illusion of Sovereignty   John McTernan Trumping the Brexiteers   Tim Oliver This Referendum Won’t Settle the European Question   Matthew J. Goodwin The Tribes of Brexit and Bremain   Mary Dejevsky Brexit is a Backwards Step, but not the Apocalypse   Stephen Castle Planet Brussels   Ryan Bourne Debunking the Myth of European Economic Advantage   Sophie Gaston Our Democratic Deficit Exposed  
Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller Foreword   Ben Hammersley #Fail: Politicians and the Present Digital World   Alex Krasodomski-Jones A Not-So-Silent Majority   David Omand A Reflection on the Investigatory Powers Bill   Holly Brockwell What it’s Really Like to be a Female Tech Journalist   Zoltan Istvan and Professor Richard Jones Transhumanism: Zoltan Istvan vs. Professor R. Jones   Carl Miller Politics: The Digital Future   Catherine Riley Necessity is the Mother of Invention   Jeremy Reffin The Most Important Technology You’ve Never Heard Of …   Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab Tapping Social Media for Social Good   Sam Smith Breeding Licenses on a Blockchain   Jamie Barlett On Power   Chris Monteiro As the Internet Fractures, Dark Net Commerce Booms   Keren Elazari Why We Need Hackers   Nkundwe Moses Mwasaga Sub-Saharan Africa’s Digital Sphere   David Evans The Politics of the People Creating our Digital Society   Imogen Heap What Blockchain Can Do for the Music Industry  
Issue #7, autumn 2015, edited by Philip Collins
Philip Collins Beyond Blair   David Skelton The Tory modernisers’ moment   Rowenna Davis Continuity Corbyn   Duncan O’Leary Who do they think we are?   Prof Shamit Saggar The Conservative breakthrough   Claudia Wood We need to build more houses   Charlie Cadywould What if more young people voted?   Elsbeth Johnson What is Labour for?   Marina Hyde A cabinet of all the talents   Liam Halligan Piketty’s ‘New’ Book   Isabel Hardman; Anthony Seldon More Human; The Happiness Industry  
Issue #6, summer 2015, edited by Danny Kruger
Danny Kruger The social strategy   John Denham The Anglicisation of English politics   Only Connect members How to change the prison system   Stephen Gethins MP What Westminster can learn from Holyrood   David Skelton What does the Labour party do now?   Alex Smith The connecting state   Duncan O’Leary Making welfare popular   Carl Miller and Raphael Hogarth The first social media election?   Jane Merrick A cabinet of all talents   Richard Reeves, Ally Paget The Road to Character; Rethinking Unemployment  
Issue #5, winter 2014/15
Daisy Christodoulou, Robert Coe, Sam Freedman, David Goodhart, Dean Machin, David Willetts MP The great education debate   Keir Starmer QC Freedom, the individual and the law   Jonathan Birdwell None of the above   Chris White MP The future of social value   Richard Blakeway, Paul Teverson, Michael Voges Responses to ‘The future of social value’   Gavin Shuker MP Divided schools, divided communities   Tessa Jowell MP Response to ‘All that Glisters…’   Eric Kaufmann The myth of London exceptionalism   Ralph Scott A question of character   Jamie Bartlett and Ali Fisher How to beat the media mujahideen   Lindsay Johns Talent not tokenism   John Gieve, David Goodhart Reforming the banks; Islam and free speech   John Mills, Belinda Brown Letters: good jobs; feminism  
Issue #4, autumn 2014
Michael Lind The liberal roots of populism   Allen Simpson Trust the experts   Duncan O’Leary Response to ‘Trust the experts’   John Hawksworth and Nick C Jones Good jobs, higher living standards?   Belinda Brown Family-friendly feminism   Holly Baxter Response to ‘Family-friendly feminism’   David Goodhart London: all that glisters…   Jon Wakeford Postliberal partnerships   John Mills Britain’s balance of payments disaster   Jamie Bartlett and Nathaniel Tkacz Keeping an eye on the dashboard   Rowenna Davis A cabinet of all talents   Tom Chatfield, Eric Kaufmann, Richard Heller and Peter Oborne The Dark Net; Revolt on the Right; Indian-Caribbean cricketers  
Issue #3, summer 2014
Adam Tomkins A short history of the Scottish referendum   Richard Webber Scotland’s many subcultures   Lord Falconer The Assisted Dying Bill   Claudia Wood Getting tough on the causes of welfare   Ben Baumberg What is incapacity?   David Wild In praise of a Citizen’s Income   Trevor Phillips Labour’s new majority   David Goodhart What the Tories can’t learn from Canada   Shamit Saggar Is frictionless migration possible?   Max Wind-Cowie Taxing the ex-pats   Robert Peal Gove’s unfinished business   Anthony Mann Great expectations   Duncan O’Leary Football’s Great Reform Act   the Demos Advisory Group Our summer reading   Robert Rowthorn The Piketty balance sheet   Jonathan Todd Just Freedom  
Issue #2, spring 2014
Mark Thompson The politics of words   Adam Boulton, Sam Leith, John Lloyd, Jean Seaton Responses to the lead essay   Richard Webber and Trevor Phillips The Tories’ missing half million voters   Duncan O’Leary What’s mine is yours   Tom Clark Back to Marienthal   David Goodhart The path not taken   Thom Brooks On punitive restoration   Wingham Rowan Workers v Robots   Paul Nightingale and Alex Coad The myth of the science park economy   Ralph Scott Are you local?   Jonathan Foreman Labour’s defence opportunity   Richard Norrie How much do EU know?   Mary Riddell A cabinet of all talents   Carl Miller and Bobby Duffy The birth of real-time research   Claudia Wood Why fight poverty?  
Issue #1, winter 2013/14
David Goodhart A postliberal future?   Jon Cruddas MP, David Willetts MP, Geoff Mulgan, Jenni Russell, Oliver Kamm, David Skelton, Mark Rusling, Catherine Fieschi and Sunder Katwala Responses to the lead essay   Richard Florida Europe in the creative age, revisited   Michael Ignatieff Sovereignty and the crisis of democratic politics   Carl Miller The promise of social media   Sonia Sodha Is local banking the answer?   Eric Kaufmann Understanding ‘white flight’   Jonathan Foreman A GI Bill for the UK   Fran O’Leary Why don’t you vote?   James Mumford The liberal dilemma on sex-selective abortion   Duncan O’Leary A plan for contributory welfare   Alison Wolf A cabinet of all talents   Ralph Scott, Jonathan Todd, David Goodhart Belonging; If Mayors Ruled the World; The End of the Chinese Dream